Solving Word Problems using the SOLVE method:

S: Study the problem. This is referred to as "S" the problem. The first
step is to highlight the question. The next step is to answer the question
"What is the problem asking me to find?" Always start the answer to this
question with the word "the."

O: Organize the facts. This step is referred to as "O" the problem. You
must always "S" the problem first, then you may "O" the problem. There are
three steps to "O." 1) Identify the facts by striking after each fact. 2)
Eliminate unnecessary facts by crossing them out. 3) List the necessary

L: Line up a plan. Students must "S" and "O" the problem before they "L"
the problem. In this steps students need to choose the operation or operations
they will use to solve the problem. They must use the facts listed in "O" whenwriting their plan.

V: Verify your plan with action. The first step in this plan is to make
an estimate of the answer and writing this estimate in a "thought bubble."
Next, students will use the verbal expressions in the "L" step to write a
numerical expression or equation that can be solved. This is where they
actually do the math and find the answer.

E: Examine the results. In this step, students will ask the questions:
"Did you answer what you were asked to find in S?" "Is my answer
accurate?" "Is my answer reasonable?" The last step in "E" is to write
the answer as a complete sentence.

You will see the S.O.L.V.E. method being used all year long for solving
word problems.